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Recycle rather than skip

by nickey 28. July 2011 13:56

Why not consider changing the way you throw away things from your business? Rather than filling a skip or waste bin with material you can recycle, a lot of business waste can benefit local charities and associations nearby as well as reduce your waste management bills.

With non sensitive paper that has been shredded there are options for supplying a local pet sanctuary or stables. The shredded paper is ideal for animals that have reactions to normal animal bedding and pet sanctuaries are also grateful for any bedding that can be used for no cost. We currently recycle 100% of our non sensitive paper waste by providing our paper for local stables where one of their horses is allergic to normal bedding. We just call them when we have a suitable amount and they come and collect it.

Old mobile phones can be recycled either for charity or for money by using the various sites available on the internet that recycle parts from phones. The sites are quite easy to find using a simple search on the internet.

There are ways that construction companies can recycle too. With materials or equipment left over from large jobs there are several ways that this can be used by local charities or associations, and if you are looking to recycle a large amount for money then there are such sites as tradeleftovers.com which has been started by Checkatrade.

So before binning something, do consider how this can be used locally to benefit companies or associations around you which in turn can help you reduce your waste collection.



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