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by Administrator 28. October 2011 13:27

We hope you enjoy this amusing list of 10 ways not to answer a call. Here at the Reception Bureau we can guarantee we offer a professional impression, but if any of the following you recognise in your business, please give us a call and our friendly P.As will show you how it should be done.

1) The Snacker

The Snacker is the person who likes to answer the call whilst eating. There is a moment of swallowing panic as they try to digest their mouths contents whilst trying to convince the person on the line that they always sound slightly muffled.

2) The Bathroom

There is something very unnerving when you get through to someone who is sounding very echoey and going through a whole conversation with a grand finale of a flushing sound.

3) The conversationalist

We always worry when we get through to someone who is having several conversations all at once, a) we never know when they are talking to us or the other person and everything gets very confusing! and b) it would be nice to get their full attention

4) The Multi tasker

Although we live in a chaotic world where multi-tasking is a must but sometimes people need to stop and make a real effort to listen to the caller. The Multi-tasker is someone who juggles a project, a cup of tea or coffee, whilst addressing a meeting with a precariously positioned phone under their chin.

5) The Marathon

The phones ringing and The Marathon answerer can hear its ring from the other side of the office. They take sprint to reach it in time, dodging various office equipment and finally reaching their goal, only to find the phone rings off or they are out of puff.

6) The Sneezer

The Sneezer is the die-hard of the office. Determined not to let the hayfever or winter cold stop them in their tracks. Whilst sniffing and stifling a cough they answer the phone making the caller feel a littl

e guilty to disturb them whilst they are ill.

7) The Chainsaw

The Chainsaw is the outdoor worker who balances their various tools whilst answering the phone. Although an amazing feat, sometimes it can sound like a horror movie when you call them.

8) The Bad mood

Theres something off putting when someone answers the phone ‘What do you Want?’ or just ‘hurrumph’. It not only puts you in a mutually bad mood but isn’t doing much for customer service.

9) The Silence is Golden

Hello, hello…..hello……….hello? You can never quite tell whether you have got through to a fax machine or the number you needed and theres an unnerving quietness before the person eventually answers.

10) The Fast Talker

The Fast Talker is the enthusiastic talker who considers that talking at 100mph is a great way of getting through a call quickly. Slow down!! Its very difficult to understand what you are saying!


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Frustration of no contact?

by nickey 13. October 2011 11:34

Frustration of no contact?

In the last few days we have seen the importance of communication for companies when things aren’t going to plan. 

One of the largest criticisms of the recent problems with Blackberry was that customers didn’t get readily available updates or had nobody to call for progress.

This can easily be rectified as we are now pleased to announce our Emergency Communications facility for companies that need a back up or point of contact for customers in the UK or worldwide at times where things don’t go to plan.

We will give you a number that you can publicise on your website for emergency use and when you need us we can act as a human point of call for your customers. 

Nobody can stop things going on, but people can do something about their customer service when it does – Let us help!!!

BT customers

by Administrator 3. October 2011 15:31

BT customers are having problems following broadband services being effected by a large power outage. Effected by lack of phone service? Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we provide a great back up solution to manning phones when systems are down.


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Preparing for the Emergencies

by nickey 29. July 2011 11:43

We have always known that our service has become an important contingency plan for many of our companies over the winter seasons or times when they need emergency back up.

It is important for companies to really spend time planning for trends, weather and emergencies when taking into consideration back up services and how they can help you. Our services work in several ways, helping companies cope with periods of the year when their services are in high demand, for example Plumbers towards the end of September get an increase in calls due to boiler services and system checks before winter starts. We also have several large companies that will run campaigns at certain times of the year and need our service as a back up to cover an increase in call traffic.

But don’t just think in regards to business demand, do plan for seasonal weather changes.
The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has estimated that each day of snow chaos in 2010 cost the British economy between £600m and £1bn: airports operator BAA ran up losses into the millions when it shut down for four days in December. Among small businesses the average loss was about £5,000, according to the FSB.
We do have the ability to create a bespoke back up service for all our existing and new companies but please remember to make creating a back up system an important part of your yearly review.


Call Answering Service

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