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Getting Started in Business

by nickey 18. October 2011 12:44

Getting Started in Business

Although times are hard for businesses we have been approached a lot recently with people wanting to start up their own small business.

We thought we would help by supplying some useful places to start for advice on setting up a business, and support for those venturing into business for themselves.

There is a great leaflet available from Tax offices which guides you through the steps involved in working for yourself. Please follow the link here www.hmrc.gov.uk

You may want to start a Limited company and for that we recommend going straight to companies house. Please do not get weighed down with the forms as there are Agents and groups that can help with completing the forms for you if you prefer. The link for companies house is www.companieshouse.gov.uk which takes you straight to their Starting a Company forms.

Business link is an online resource for businesses from startups to existing companies and they can be found using this link www.businesslink.gov.uk They give practical online guides which answer most of the questions you may have. 

Although information on how to start working for yourself is valuable, the  importance of using local business facilities as emotional and business guidance is also a valuable tool. Do get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce group who can offer support and networking with other local companies. Get involved locally with other local networking groups too as this really helps you meet other people who may have answers and practical advise to problems or questions you may have.

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