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DDS – Dirty Desk Syndrome!

by Administrator 4. October 2011 10:25

Here at the Reception Bureau know the importance of keeping a clean working space but we have been known to leave the odd mouldy cup. We were quite pleased to know its not just us when we saw this article in the Telegraph yesterday.

So what are the real dangers of having a messy desk? We looked at our office spaces to see how DDS could cause problems.

For our call handlers probably the biggest problem is not necessarily desk area but more the telephones. We have anti-bacterial wipes for our call handlers to be able to clean the phones and head sets each time they start and finish work. We were impressed on how neat and tidy the desks are kept.

We have a large open plan office so we know how quickly a cold or flu bug can do the rounds, so we do encourage people to use the good old fashioned ‘use a hanky’ approach if they cough or sneeze. It tends to be the old ideas that are the most effective,  with washing hands after using the toilet or eating being a simple but an effective way of keeping bugs at bay.

We ventured to the I.T. department, and yes, their desks are chaotic but rather than being messy they are full of various technical gadgets and equipment. No mouldy cups or half eaten sandwiches!

So who was the largest culprit? Well sadly that appeared to be my desk! I normally have a variety of projects on the go at once and am notorious in the office for having at least several cups of tea on the go at the same time. So what ways will I improve my working space?
I have a date with the shredder and a drawer that is long past a good clear out – so I think today a clean out is a must!

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