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Blackberry Blackout Continues

by Administrator 12. October 2011 12:13

Blackberry have long since been known for their secure email, web browsing and messaging service (BBM), but what happens when it goes wrong? Well blackberry users across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India found out around 11:00am on Monday 10th October 2011. The problems then spread to Brazil, Chile and Argentina during Tuesday 12th Oct. So what caused this widespread disruption? RIM place the blame with one of their core switches failing, this on it's own wouldn't  have caused widespread disruption, but when the fail-over switch failed to come online, Blackberry users were plunged into darkness. 


Many of Blackberry's customers feel let down by the company who have been very sketchy about the problems and when they are likely to be resolved. This will do nothing to aid the companies battle for market share in this very competitive market. It's perfect timing however for Apple as they launch their iMessage today (Wed 12th Oct) that works just like Blackberry's messenger.

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Where is our iPhone5?

by Administrator 5. October 2011 10:16

Following an eagerly awaited announcement at Apple HQ in Silicon Valley there was some in trepidation yesterday over the possible launch of an iphone5 that sadly didn’t come into fruition. Mr Cook made his first major debut on the worldwide stage since his former boss Steve Jobs stepped down earlier in August this year to announce the new iPhone 4S.

But is this seen as a new member of the Apple family in its own right or is it just an upgraded version of its Apple siblings? And haven’t we been here before? There has been beforehand with the launch of the iPhone3G and upgrade to the iPhone3GS.

So what are the differences between the iPhone4 and the iPhone 4S. Well, the iPhone 4S boasts a faster processor and a better camera. A faster processor will allow for faster downloading.

Probably the most exciting part of the iPhone 4S is that it is ready to go with the new iOS 5 software being launched later this month on the 12th October. The whole experience of the iOS 5 software is to provide an easily accessible social experience, making it easier for the user to keep in touch with what is happening through their social media favourites such as Twitter, Safari and YouTube.

An upgrade for all Apple users will be available to download for free and will coincide with the much awaited iCloud.

iOS 5 has given the camera app a real user friendly twist allowing users to click on their pictures without having to unlock them and allowing features such as auto focus and exposure and all other facilities that you would expect from a digital camera. The iOS 5 also has a revamped gaming app making it a much fun user experience for gamers.

We await the launch of iOS 5 next week to see how the new iOS 5 makes a difference for Apple users.

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