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Steve Jobs resigns as chief executive at Apple

by nickey 25. August 2011 12:19

Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple has resigned as chief executive following a spell of poor health. His predecessor has now been named as Tim Cook.

So who is the mysterious Mr Cook? Well he isn’t as mysterious as you would assume. He has been working as support to Mr Jobs for a while and will be no stranger to the demanding role that is expected of him. As shares have dropped slightly in Apple since the announcement, we watch and wait to see whether Mr Cook can fill the shoes of a well known chief executive.




by Administrator 24. August 2011 10:37

Are cheques a thing of the past

or in for a reform??

The use of cheques was slowly being phased out in 2018 but a committee of MPs have now asked for a report into the timescales for processing cheques which have caused delays and uncertainty in the past.

The Payments Council decided in December 2009 that they would look at phasing out cheques and set a target for 2018. The final decision will be taken in 2016 so perhaps this latest look at the timescales that cheques take for clearance etc may go someway to ensure that cheques remain a viable method of payment.

So until 2016 we will not be 100% sure whether cheques will be phased out or whether a reform on how we use cheques for payments can be agreed.



Golden Opportunity

by Administrator 23. August 2011 17:29

We have learnt today that Gold is now at its highest value. The price of gold rose above $1,900 per ounce for the first time during Asian trading hours which set a new all time high at an impressive $1,913.50

Whilst the dollar continues to struggle in the current economic climate, many people are counting their blessings that they have chosen to invest in Gold.




Office Chat

by Administrator 15. August 2011 10:46

Office Chat,

We decided to bring you a new feature of what people are talking about in the office each week.

Each week we will listen with pricked ears to hear what subjects (work related, world events etc) are being discussed in the our workplace and we would love to have some feedback from yourselves.

We are predicting this week that the ongoing tensions within cities throughout the UK will be high on the list, but we will give you a full report on Friday!


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